Saturday's Partner Program

Knowledge Odyssey of Flavor: Vilnius University and DŽIUGAS Cheese House Adventure

Embark on a tantalizing and enlightening journey of knowledge and flavor, exploring Vilnius University and the captivating House of DŽIUGAS Cheese! Immerse yourself in a world of intellect and taste, beginning at the esteemed Vilnius University, a time-honored institution that has shaped Europe’s academic landscape. Uncover its rich history and significance as you traverse its storied halls.

From there, your adventure takes a delectable turn as you set sail to the House of DŽIUGAS Cheese. Here, skilled cheese artisans will reveal the mystical art of cheese-making, unveiling the secrets behind its creation. Delight in an exquisite array of DŽIUGAS® hard cheeses aged for 48, 36, 24, 18, and 12 months. Experience the symphony of flavors as they harmonize with an assortment of pairings including honey, nuts, grapes, pears, and jam. Elevate your tasting with the elegant DŽIUGAS® wine glass, perfectly complementing the delightful company.

Witness the transformation of cheese through various aging processes, where every bite offers a dance of spicy intensity, gentle tanginess, and the satisfying crunch of delicate calcium crystals.

As time slips away, engage in vibrant discussions about the art and science of cheese-making, the evolution of consumption culture, and the latest trends in the culinary world. Unveil a treasure trove of secrets and regional legends, held exclusively by DŽIUGAS®. This unique knowledge odyssey promises an unforgettable fusion of taste and insight, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for the history and flavors that shape our palates.

Departure: 9 am from Radisson Hotel

Return: midday