Sunday's Partner Program

Immerse in Art and Flavor: Užupis Cultural Exploration and Lipskio Alinė Beer Tasting

Discover Užupis, an artistic haven brimming with vitality and individuality, a microcosm within the city itself. This vibrant enclave in Vilnius beckons you to embrace its one-of-a-kind cultural tapestry and extraordinary ambiance. If your quest is for art and the pleasures of beer, our tour featuring a captivating beer tasting experience at Lipskio Alinė awaits.

Commencing at the heart of Užupis, where creativity thrives through streets, walls, and sculptures, your journey unfolds. Guided by an expert, you’ll uncover the district’s history, artistic legacy, and unique spirit of independence. The renowned principles of the Užupis Constitution, spotlighting freedom and creativity, infuse even more vibrancy into this enigmatic locale.

Post an enchanting exploration of Užupis, a genuine beer tasting adventure awaits at Lipskio Alinė. A fusion of tradition and modernity, this pub is a haven of brewed delight. As the tour unfolds, you’ll delve into the art of beer-making, from selecting the finest ingredients to mastering the nuances of diverse beer styles.

Throughout this journey, an inviting ambiance, connections with locals, and an array of unforgettable moments accompany you. The Užupis tour, coupled with the beer tasting escapade at Lipskio Alinė, not only introduces you to Vilnius’ artistic and gustatory realm but also connects you with fellow enthusiasts who cherish culture and the pleasures of life.

Embark on this extraordinary journey and plunge into the world of Užupis—an adventure that unites creativity and the joy of beer!

Departure: 9 am from Radisson Hotel

Return: midday